Aaah D:

Didn’t go to school today :/

probably in giiiiant trouble,

my dance asssignment was due yesterday, went shopping last night and totally forgot to do it.

Ruby’s coming over on the weeekyend (:

we’re gonna work on our daance assignment, then we’ll go chill with the BB crew(:

Introducing the BB crew

The BB crew is an amazing group of people that live near mee ><

Cooper – he’s my amaazing little buddy, ><

Josh – he’s HILARIOUS, constently makes me smile (:

Marcus – though he scares me sometimes, hes cool

Jake – I can truust this guy with ANYTHING

Terry – My little sheeep (:

Rory – who I often call whorey as he constantly calls my furby ><

Hayden – he’s pretty cuute 😉

Introducing Ruby

Ruby is one of my amazing bestfriends, (:

people often call us twinns as she often copies me, often meaning always ><

haha i loove her anyway, shes hella cool (:


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