Tonight was um well very interesting..

hellllo my lovelies(:

tonight was definitely one I will be talking about for awhile..

I know this is gonna sound bad but it was quite hilarious.

Tonight I was with Ruby, Jake, Hayden and Terry trying to get an ouija board to work, were out on the street and we didn’t exactly want to go home soo we decided to go into a building site so we sit down with a marker and a for sale sign that we flipped and wrote the ouijaness on. As we started we saw bright lights shine through we just throught it was a car..

Suddenly 2 Police men  come running in through the bushes hah and everyone scatters emily got caught so I came out the jake and terry came out and hayden was on a bike so he got away..

I had the marker and I didn’t want anyone to getr in trouble for writting on the walls so I kinda shoved the marker down the back of my pants.. hahaha. it left a fist sized ink mark right on the bum crack thing of my denim pants ahah
we couldn’t stop laughing about it for AGES.



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