My Homies (:

Just soo you know who I’m talking about in my blogs (:

Emily Jaay (:  – She’s the closest thing I have to a sister, we tell eachother everything!

Ruuby – She’s my amazing twinn, she gets under my skin somethimess, but i’ll always love her

Alex – She’s CARAZZZY haah, i love herr.

Alanah – She’s my claass buddy, shes amazing(:

Sarah – I can trust her with everything, shes the cutest (:

Miky – Shes a little frog, i love herr

Aleisha – Shes amazingly cuuute, froggy park reppin (:

Stephh – You’re like a big sister, remember froggy park, ahha 😐

Joel –  I’ll foreverr remember you, hopefully we’ll end up seeing eachother again

Jake – You’re the bestest neighbour anyone could ever have

Cooper – We have soo many memories >< we’ve done soo much together

Caleb – You’re the funniest guy I have ever freaking met, you’re soo messed up in the head, but as you say as am i ahahah.

Jack- I’ve known you for 6 years, and you’re amazing haha, you’re freaking hilarious, i fiink i may liike you a little ><

Dan- you’re hilarious, you need a nickname >.< it doesn’t make sense for you to call me forrest and me to call you  dan ><

Brady – you’re amazing, i love youu bestiee (:

Macca – hey missy josh is silly, he’d be lucky to have youu.

Jackie – You’re bloody HILARIOUS. ARINYAAAAAAA !!!!


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