Righteo Then.

Well has anyone read Vampire Academy?

No? ahha

Well this girl Rose, She becomes psychically linked with her bestfriend when her bestfriend saves her life.

Well the girl who Rose is Psychically linked to has these powers that allows her to heal people with her mind, but everytime she uses her powers she looses apart of her self, when she uses her powers alot she becomes severely depressed.

Now the reason im telling you about this is since Rose was saved by this girl everytime she uses her powers Rose sucks the depression out of  the other girls mind and she has to deal with it.

Thats how I feel, al lot of people tell me their secrets and tell me things I shouldn’t know. I feel like it’s becoming too heavy of a load, and its getting hard to carry it around.


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some people -_-

Don’t youu hate those people who do absolutely NOTHING for youu,
but EXPECT you to do everything for them  😐

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Aaah D:

Didn’t go to school today :/

probably in giiiiant trouble,

my dance asssignment was due yesterday, went shopping last night and totally forgot to do it.

Ruby’s coming over on the weeekyend (:

we’re gonna work on our daance assignment, then we’ll go chill with the BB crew(:

Introducing the BB crew

The BB crew is an amazing group of people that live near mee ><

Cooper – he’s my amaazing little buddy, ><

Josh – he’s HILARIOUS, constently makes me smile (:

Marcus – though he scares me sometimes, hes cool

Jake – I can truust this guy with ANYTHING

Terry – My little sheeep (:

Rory – who I often call whorey as he constantly calls my furby ><

Hayden – he’s pretty cuute 😉

Introducing Ruby

Ruby is one of my amazing bestfriends, (:

people often call us twinns as she often copies me, often meaning always ><

haha i loove her anyway, shes hella cool (:

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Hey Guuuys :D

heey guys(: it’s fridaay here and the weekend is on the horizon..

assignments donee ✓

terrified of the cyclone ✓

thaank god it’s the weekend ✓


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Hello world!

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